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Helpful Resources

When you want to donate:

Organ and Tissue Donation & Transplantation – Canadian Blood Services
A helpful site that will assist in navigating through your provincial online donation registry and provides information about how to become a donor.
Visit Sign Up for Life’s website and register to become a tissue or organ donor in just a few clicks.

When you’ve lost a loved one:

Transplant Manitoba – Grief Resources for Families
Palliative Manitoba – Bereavement Services
Kids Grieve Too – Palliative Manitoba
Virtual Hospice Kids Grief Resources
Canadian Virtual Hospice –

For Information about laws and quality standards:

Human Tissue Gift Act
The Human Tissue Gift Act is the law that governs consent and direction for donating tissues and organs in Manitoba. The law states that the decision to use your tissues and organs for transplantation rests first and foremost with you. The Act enables Manitobans to give the gift of tissue and organ donation and defines facilities and agencies legally designated to facilitate donations.

American Association of Tissue Banks
Tissue Bank Manitoba is an accredited member of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), which develops standards, accredits tissue banks, promotes ethics and certifies personnel working in tissue and organ donation. The AATB’s standards are recognized both in the United States and around the world as the definitive guide for tissue banking.

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