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Recipient Stories

Turia Pitt’s Story – Burn survivor and skin graft recipient

Trapped in a flash grassfire during a triathlon, Turia Pitt sustained burns so severe that doctors had no hope she would live. Skin graft donations saved her life and allowed her to become an inspiration around the world in promoting the life-changing benefits of the gift of tissue donation. (MTF Biologics – 4:53 minutes)

Mary’s Story – Cancer survivor and skin graft recipient

Mary, a breast cancer survivor, describes her journey to reclaim her life post-mastectomy through the gift of skin graft donations that allowed her to have reconstructive surgery. (MTF Biologics – 4:13 minutes)

Chris’ Story – Donor and spine graft recipient

When his sister needed a kidney transplant, Chris donated one of his kidneys to help her. Years later, a severe form of spinal stenosis caused Chris so much pain, he could no longer do simple things like hold a coffee mug or hug his wife. Donated bone grafts took pressure off his spinal cord, allowing him to experience the life-altering benefits that come from the gift of tissue donation. (MTF Biologics – 5:40 minutes)

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