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Making a Direction to Donate

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Donating your organs and tissues after your death can help those in need of a transplant. The Donor Registry operates throughout Manitoba and allows you to record your decision about donating your tissues and organs. It allows you to say whether you wish to donate all your tissues and organs, some of your tissues and organs, or none or your tissues and organs for either transplant, medical education or scientific research.

What is the Human Tissue Gift Act and why is it important?

The Human Tissue Gift Act is the law that governs consent and direction for donating tissues and organs in Manitoba. This law states that the decision to use your tissues and organs for transplantation rests first and foremost with you.

How will my family be involved?

A dedicated person specializing in donation from one of Manitoba’s three Human Tissue Gift Agencies will support your family, let them know your decision, and help to honour it if:

If donation is possible when you die but you have not made a decision, the law allows family members to make this direction for you.

Should I talk to my family about my decision?

It’s important that you talk with your family so they are aware of your decision before Human Tissue Gift Agency staff approach them at what will be a difficult time.

Your family will be asked for information which will help decide if your tissues are suitable for transplantation. Sharing your decision with family will help them prepare to have this conversation.

The knowledge that other lives may be saved or healed can often bring comfort to families who have lost a loved one. Please discuss your decision with your family.

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