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Donating Birth Tissue

The birth of your child is life changing. It’s also an opportunity for you to change the lives of others.

Consider donating your birth tissue if you are pregnant and:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • have no health issues and
  • plan to have a Caesarean section

Your decision to share this gift will not affect your delivery or the care of your baby. You can find more information about donating below.

What is birth tissue and how does it help?

When we talk about birth tissue, we mean placentas and umbilical cords. Your gift of birth tissue can be used as a natural covering for injuries like diabetic foot ulcers and burns.

Your gift of placenta tissue can be used to help provide a natural way for the recipient’s body to repair itself by:

  • serving as a barrier to protect wounds from infection
  • minimizing scarring and fibrosis to support healing
  • reducing inflammation

How do I become a birth tissue donor or learn more about donation?

Please call or email us to donate or if you have any questions about birth tissue donation. A donor coordinator is also available before and after delivery to answer your questions.

Phone: 204-940-1750

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