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Crisis Response Centre

A Centre of Excellence that delivers a full range of mental health crisis response services for Winnipeg adults in an environment that promotes recovery.

The Crisis Response Centre logo: three leaves and the words Crisis Response Centre: Where people come first.

As many as 10,000 people requiring assistance with a mental heath crisis present to Emergency departments in Winnipeg each year. In addition, the Winnipeg Health Region’s Mental Health Mobile Crisis Service has approximately 10,000 calls/contacts per year. One in 4 Manitobans experience mental health issues in their lifetime.

Many people experiencing a mental health crisis are not able to access mental health services in a timely manner. We want to change that.

Winnipeg’s Mental Health Crisis Response Centre is an exciting and innovative addition to the mental health service system and offers a unique combination of walk – in, outreach and scheduled crisis services for Winnipeg adults within an environment that promotes healing and recovery.

Key Components:

  • Integrated mental health assessment.
  • Crisis intervention and mental health crisis treatment.
  • Linkages to key resources for mental health and addiction follow up.
  • Individual and family peer support.

Our Purpose

The Mental Health Crisis Response Centre in Winnipeg is creating a central point of access for adults experiencing a mental health crisis, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week within an atmosphere that promotes healing and recovery. This Centre of Excellence in crisis resolution ensures expert short term clinical treatment and support services are available through walk-in services, mobile services and scheduled appointment services, combined with planned linkage and referral to appropriate services and supports.

Collaborative teams of professionals are committed to work in partnership with individuals, families and other support systems as they work through their mental health crisis. Our purpose is to deal with acute distress and instability that individuals experience in a crisis and assist with strategies that focus on purposeful crisis resolution, promotion of resiliency, and restoration of coping.

You can come to us

The CRC is open 24/7 for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. Individuals may also have an overlapping substance use, addiction or gambling issue. Upon arrival our staff of mental health experts will help those in distress to resolve their crisis. The CRC is specifically designed to help individuals experiencing:

  • Personal distress and the risk of potential harm associated with an immediate crisis, including suicidal behaviour
  • Sign and symptoms of a condition requiring urgent mental health assessment and treatment
  • Intense emotional trauma where assessment, crisis intervention and linkage to other services can occur
  • An immediate risk after hours when the ongoing mental health service provider is not available

Some individuals, however will continue to require an emergency room to manage their mental health crisis when they are:

  • Issued a warrant under the Mental Health Act
  • Transported by ambulance
  • In need of urgent physical medical care
Crisis Response Centre location

Or we can come to you

Our Mobile Crisis Service is available to provide on-site assistance with a mental health crisis. Our team can respond to individuals and/or families and service providers to assist with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Over-the-phone assistance with our mental health experts can also help put people back on track.

The team can also meet with individuals in crisis at a location within Winnipeg that is comfortable for them, either in their home or a safe location.

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