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Emergency Response Services

EMS Ambulance bay

Emergency response services are a key component of our health care system, providing pre-hospital and inter-hospital care to Manitobans who are sick or injured 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shared Health is responsible for the planning, delivery and oversight of consistent, high-quality emergency medical services (EMS) & patient transport (PT) throughout Manitoba. We provide direct service to patients in Interlake-Eastern RHA, Prairie Mountain Health, Northern RHA, Southern Health-Santé Sud, and Churchill and we are responsible for the oversight of various municipal-based and contracted services across the province, including those provided by Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services, STARS, Brandon Fire Emergency Services, Thompson Fire and Emergency Services, and Stretcher Services of Manitoba.

The Creation of a Provincial EMS & PT Transformation System

As part of Manitoba’s overall Health System Transformation, responsibility for EMS & PT services is being consolidated within Shared Health. Ongoing work to realign services and develop an integrated provincial system involves leaders and front-line paramedics from across the province. This is Manitoba’s first provincial approach to planning EMS & PT. Historically, Manitoba’s EMS & PT system operated with minimal provincial coordination and regional operations, processes, and standards of clinical practice varied widely across the province.

The work is closely aligned with the development of Manitoba’s first Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Plan to ensure that patients are able to access consistent care regardless of where they live. This will be accomplished through the creation of a provincially coordinated and integrated system that ensures care is provided seamlessly across regional boundaries.

More than 1000 regional EMS & PT staff have transitioned to Shared Health, setting the foundation for a more consistent and integrated approach to patient care. While significant, this transition has not impacted the day-to-day operations of staff. Shared Health continues to work closely with our partners in the health authorities and our municipal and contracted partners to ensure the ongoing delivery of quality care.

How is the Provincial EMS & PT Model being developed?

Over the coming months, work on the development of standardized province-wide protocols and clinical guidelines will continue and careful consideration of service delivery models will ensure that EMS and PT planning is closely aligned with the recommendations of the Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Plan and the needs of the population.

The realignment of EMS & PT services within Shared Health is based on the recommendations of a number of expert reviews of Manitoba’s health system, including the 2013 EMS System Review, the Peachey Report, KPMG Health System Sustainability and Innovation Review, and the Wait Times Reduction Task Force Report.

Planning is done in consultation with representatives from each RHA and service purchase agreement partners. All work being done through this project is in alignment with Manitoba’s Health System Transformation.

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