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  • RUBY Study –Reducing the bUrden of Breast cancer in Young women (RUBY). The RUBY Study is a pan-Canadian collaborative comprised of a national network of 62 researchers and clinicians at 44 institutions and clinics across Canada, with the common goal of studying breast cancer in young women.
  • Patients’ Emotional Experience in Breast Cancer Surgery: From Diagnosis to Recovery
    In 2019, Dr. Renée El-Gabalawy and her team from the University of Manitoba received a large national grant to understand the use of virtual reality technologies in helping breast cancer patients psychologically prepare for undergoing surgery. As a first step in this larger study, these researchers will interview participants after breast cancer surgery to gain a better understanding of their experience before surgery, on the day of surgery, and during the early recovery period, in order to build a virtual tool to support patients going through this experience.

    The study will focus on what an individual can expect during their surgery day and in the operating room. It is hoped that if patients can familiarize themselves with what to expect on the day of surgery, that it will decrease the anxiety and stress that surgery can produce.

    Anyone who will be undergoing or who has recently underwent breast cancer surgery and is willing to take part in the initial study involving an interview to discuss their experiences with surgery and initial recovery can call 204-787-4713 for further information and to participate.
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