Health Services

Shared Health leads the planning and coordinates the integration of patient-centered clinical and preventive health services across Manitoba as well as centralized clinical and business services for Manitoba’s health system.

The organization is multi-functional, responsible for the delivery of health services at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg (HSC), as well as Emergency Medical Services, Patient Transport, Digital Health and Diagnostic Services throughout the province. Shared Health also provides coordinated administrative and support services (health human resources, supply chain management, capital planning, etc.) for Manitoba’s regional health authorities and health organizations.

Doctor reviewing CT scan

Breast Health Centre

Services offered to support both the physical and emotional needs of patients seeking care on their breast health journey.

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Diagnostic Services

Manitoba’s public laboratory services and diagnostic imaging are managed and delivered by Shared Health.

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Doctor with tablet

Digital Health

Digital Health offers the opportunity to connect health-care information and services to support improved models of care.

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paramedics loading stretcher in ambulance

Emergency Response Services

A key component providing pre and inter-hospital care to Manitobans who are sick or injured 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)

Ensuring patients have the information needed to make an informed decision.

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Mental Health illustration

Mental Health

Providing a range of adult and child mental health services in both community and hospital settings.

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using hands to create a heart

Tissue Bank Manitoba

Working to save and heal peoples’ lives through the gift of tissue donation.

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tree of life leaves

Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life

Expert teams support patients and families along the journey to transplant or donation.

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As work to improve the coordination and delivery of health care services across Manitoba continues, the following services have now transitioned to Shared Health.

We will be making this site more robust over the coming months with the goal of providing one location for key information on Shared Health services. In the interim period, as we migrate information fully to this site, relevant information will remain accessible to the public on current WRHA websites.

Shared Health will continue to evolve through 2019. Check back regularly for more information.