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Kidney Check Program wins global health-care awards

The Kidney Check Program team has won two UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Awards for their submission, Kidney Check: The Next Generation of Surveillance for Hypertension, Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease, Shared Health chief executive officer Brock Wright announced today. The team earned an award in the 2020 Best of North America category and was one of the top three teams to win in the 2020 Global category, the highest honour in the UNIVANTS awards program.

“We are proud to be a partner in the Kidney Check Program. Proactively finding and approaching patients at risk for chronic kidney disease is essential for reducing the risk of outcomes that can adversely impact quality of life and the health-care system,” said Wright. “This significant honour demonstrates our commitment to providing the right care at the right time and the success that can be had when there is collaboration across the health-care system and community.”

Shared Health’s diagnostic services department is a partner in the Kidney Check Program, a comprehensive screening, triage, and treatment initiative working to bring preventive kidney care to rural and remote communities in Manitoba through a multidisciplinary team which includes nephrologists, primary care physicians, nurses, social workers and community leaders. Kidney Check uses point-of-care testing – diagnostic testing performed at or near the site of patient care – to identify chronic kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension in individuals ages 10 and up who would benefit from timely medical follow up with a specialist.

Shared Health’s diagnostic services department provides quality oversight of the Kidney Check Program’s point of care testing, which includes training staff on testing, validation of instruments, support with test troubleshooting, and site visits to liaise with local community staff.

Winning teams were selected based on criteria that included unifying across the care continuum for the development and implementation of avante-garde processes that resulted in a measurable difference to clinical care. The 2020 submissions included hospitals, commercial laboratories, reference laboratories, clinics and rural community care. Applications included representation from every region of the world and received comprehensive review from judges from world-renowned organizations, societies, and leaders from across the global healthcare sectors.

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