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Tissue Bank Manitoba recognized for excellence in tissue recovery work

Local team the only Canadian agency to receive Emerald Award of Excellence

Tissue Bank Manitoba, the organization responsible for the gift of tissue donation in this province, has again been recognized for its work in saving lives and healing patients through tissue donation and transplantation. The awards include the prestigious Emerald Award of Excellence, which is given to agencies that consistently exceed best practice levels in all areas.

The awards were presented last month by MTF Biologics, one of the largest tissue banks in the world, and recognize technical achievements and best practices in tissue recovery and performance. In addition to the Emerald Award of Excellence, which Tissue Bank Manitoba won for the second time in four years, the organization also received four Best Practice Awards for its quality of work involving the recovery of life-saving and enhancing tissues such as skin, which is used to help people heal from burns, breast reconstruction after mastectomy and hernia repair.

“These awards are a significant achievement and reflect the deep level of commitment our highly-skilled team has to improving patient outcomes,” said Kimberly Dodds, director of Tissue Bank Manitoba. “Of the 30 agencies that work with MTF Biologics, I am proud to say our organization was a top-five performer and the only Canadian agency to receive the prestigious Emerald Award this year.”

In 2019, 38 deceased Manitobans became tissue donors and more than 1,100 tissue allografts were transplanted within the province. For every person or family who opts to share life through tissue donation, as many as 100 lives can be enhanced or saved, Dodds added.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on organ and tissue donation and transplantation programs across the country, the Tissue Bank Manitoba team has worked diligently to be able to continue facilitating the gift of donation, offering hope and healing for individuals who benefit from their services.

“Our work in the field of tissue donation really is a calling and our team is extremely committed to the important services we provide to Manitobans,” said Dodds. “With the onset of COVID-19 in Manitoba, our team stepped up to modify procedures quickly so this valuable work could continue. I am grateful for the calm and professional approach that has been displayed at all levels of our organization during this unprecedented time.”

Tissue Bank staff adopted enhanced screening protocols for donors and adopted appropriate use of personal protective equipment for staff to continue offering Manitobans at the end of life the opportunity to donate the gift of tissue.

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