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Pediatric and Adult Cases of Respiratory Activity, including Influenza, Continue to Rise

Several non-emergent, elective surgical procedures at Children’s Hospital
to be postponed

In an effort to ensure ongoing capacity within the province’s only pediatric intensive care unit during a sustained increase in pediatric cases of respiratory activity, several non-emergent, elective pediatric surgeries scheduled at HSC Children’s Hospital are being postponed, Shared Health and HSC Winnipeg announced today. 

“HSC Children’s is Manitoba’s hospital for pediatrics, home to the province’s only pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and the location of the majority of pediatric surgeries in the province” explained Nicole Sneath, Director, Child Health at HSC Winnipeg. “Since mid-December, HSC Children’s has admitted 120 children and babies with lab-confirmed cases of respiratory infections and other influenza-like illnesses including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza A and influenza B. We have increased our capacity in the PICU and in other areas of Children’s however the sustained nature of the increase has made it necessary for us to look at all options to ensure we have the ability to continue to admit and care for our sickest children.”

Fewer than five surgeries per week are anticipated to be affected by this decision. Emergency and urgent surgeries, day surgeries and cancer cases are not affected.

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Nursing Initiatives at HSC Winnipeg

A message from Monika Warren, acting chief nursing officer, HSC Winnipeg

My name is Monika Warren, acting chief nursing officer at HSC Winnipeg. I started my career as a nurse 29.5 years ago at HSC. During my career, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the nursing practice, as well as how much patients benefit from the collaboration and skill of the entire inter-professional team.

I feel very proud to represent our profession at HSC. The best part of my week is when I get to walk through the units and meet and speak with nursing staff and our patients and their families.

Over the past two years, our health system has experienced unprecedented change designed to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of the care we provide.

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Manitobans reminded to take extra precautions as flu season begins

Increased number of adults and babies being admitted to Winnipeg hospitals with respiratory virus and flu

As Winnipeg hospitals see a rise in pediatric and adult cases of respiratory activity, influenza, and other illnesses, Manitobans are reminded to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from colds and flus.

“Respiratory infections and the flu can be very serious,” said Dr. Perry Gray, Chief Medical Officer, Shared Health. “The flu is not just fevers, chills and pneumonia. Past flu seasons have resulted in the hospitalization of patients, some in intensive care on life-support, relying on equipment to help them breathe for days or weeks. This can happen to anyone, at any age however the flu vaccine can reduce this risk.”

Since Sept. 1, HSC Children’s has admitted 240 children and babies with lab-confirmed cases of respiratory infections and other influenza-like illnesses. Winnipeg hospitals are also beginning to see increased incidence of influenza and respiratory infections in adult patients.

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Transforming lives through hope and the gift of life

Celebrating 50 years of organ donation and kidney transplant excellence in Manitoba

As the 60’s began to fade, new hope arrived for Manitobans waiting for the gift of a functioning kidney. In November 1969, the team at the Winnipeg General Hospital (now HSC Winnipeg) successfully performed the province’s first renal transplant.

“It was an incredible first step and one that set us on a path leading to significant contributions in kidney disease research and transplantation practices worldwide,” said Dr. Peter Nickerson, medical director, Transplant Manitoba. “That same effort and determination to begin a transplant program still drives us today because the need for kidneys in Manitoba is increasing.”

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Manitoba families now have access to specialized care in new state-of-the-art facility

180 staff and volunteers supported the move of patients, equipment over four hours on December 1

HSC Winnipeg officially opened the doors of its new Women’s Hospital at 665 William Ave on Sunday, Dec. 1, as 93 women and babies were transitioned to the new space in a carefully planned and choreographed move from the Women’s Pavilion and three Neonatal Intensive Care Units, announced HSC Winnipeg Chief Nursing Officer Monika Warren today.

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Made-in-Manitoba Plan will provide better health care closer to home

Manitoba will move forward with a comprehensive plan to enhance the availability, quality and reliability of care for patients at home and in the community, including rural and northern residents, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

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Enhanced Mental Health will make it easier for children and youth to receive timely care

The Manitoba government will invest more than $4.2 million to improve mental health services, making it easier for children and youth to receive assessments and treatment, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

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New state-of-the-art Women’s Hospital will improve care for Manitoba families

The new Women’s Hospital at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) will open to patients on Dec. 1, providing women, children and families with a state-of-the-art facility where highly skilled staff will deliver excellent care, Premier Brian Pallister announced today.

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Shared Health investigating breach of personal health information

Shared Health is distributing letters this week to patients affected by a personal health information breach at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Winnipeg Children’s Hospital. The breach was discovered following a break-in involving a locked cabinet in the reception/admitting area of HSC Children’s. A number of documents containing patient information were stolen during the incident, which occurred in the late evening/early morning hours of October 22/23.

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Lifeflight moved to Shared Health in next step of Health Transformation

As part of the Manitoba government’s continued commitment to improving patient care through the transformation of the health system, medical leadership and operational responsibility for the Lifeflight critical care air ambulance service has transitioned to Shared Health, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

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2018-19 Shared Health Virtual Annual General Meeting

The 2018-19 virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Shared Health (former Diagnostic Services Manitoba) is now available for your viewing. View the virtual AGM here.

If you have any questions about the 2018-19 virtual AGM, please contact

Manitobans are getting healthier overall, U of M study shows

The overall health of Manitobans is improving across the province’s five health regions, says a comprehensive study conducted by the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) at the University of Manitoba.

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New appointment: Department head of pediatrics & child health

Dr. Brian Postl, dean, Max Rady College of Medicine and dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr. Perry Gray, CMO and provincial lead, medical specialist services, Shared Heath are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Patricia Birk as head, department of pediatrics & child health, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, and provincial specialty lead–pediatrics & child health, Shared Health effective August 1, 2019.

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Working and Communicating During a Blackout Period

Shared Health is complying with the Province of Manitoba policy-based restriction on advertising and publishing consistent with the requirements of Section 92 of The Election Financing Act.

Information about the services offered by Shared Health will continue to be updated to reflect any changes to matters related to public health, safety and service hours of operation.

We remain committed to providing transparent and timely information to our staff, patients and to members of the public, including media, while ensuring compliance with these restrictions currently in place.

New stroke unit at HSC Winnipeg will ensure better care for patients

A dedicated acute stroke unit will be built at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg (HSC) to serve stroke patients from across Manitoba, resulting in improved patient outcomes that shorten their time in hospital while reducing costs to treat them, Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced today.

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