Prospective Home Clinics

Home Clinics commit to Manitoba’s Home Clinic Criteria, and are registered with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL).

Manitoba eHealth will administer aspects of the Home Clinic program on behalf of MHSAL.

Are you Home Clinic Ready?

Registering with MHSAL as a Home Clinic is a prerequisite to patient enrolment and, for fee-for-service clinics, to submission of claims for the Comprehensive Care Management tariffs (effective April 1, 2017). There are a number of actions your primary care clinic can take to improve your readiness, and our Home Clinic team is here to help.

The team may be contacted at 204-926-6010, 1-866-926-6010 or if you have questions or require any support.

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  • Discuss the Primary Care Quality Indicators with your practice team, and determine workflow changes necessary to support their implementation. A brief overview and a detailed guide are available.
  • For those not yet submitting the Primary Care Data Extract:
    • speak with your EMR product vendor to confirm the product’s ability to properly generate the extract;
    • determine if there is any configuration, mapping, etc. needed within your EMR product to ensure that your EMR data accurately populates the Primary Care Data Extract; and
    • confirm if you use an EMR certified against the Primary Care Quality Indicator Reminders and Data Extract specification or a previously approved EMR; if not, review our encryption instructions for submitting your extract on a CD or USB.
  • For those not familiar with the Primary Care Data Extract, watch the informational video in our EMR Video Library to learn the fundamentals as well as understand how it relates Primary Care Quality Indicators, EMR workflow, data capture and more. You can also contact the Home Clinic team at 204-926-6010, 1-866-926-6010 or for more information.

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