EMR Supports and Services

Our supports and services are here to help you introduce and optimize technology within your practice.

They include:

  • Coaching and educational sessions available in-person or via interactive webinar focused on EMR optimization and best practices
  • EMR tips and tricks and educational videos that help you maximize the value of your EMR and other health technologies
  • opportunities to optimize your EMR use and better understand and improve the quality/integrity of your data
  • opportunities to consult with your peers about using technology workflows and processes that improve patient care and the health-care system

For more information, check out the following:

EMR video library

View EMR tips and tricks videos, along with educational presentations focused on EMR optimization.

EMR Connection newsletter

Review current and previous issues of our bi-monthly newsletter and find out how to subscribe.

Peer Consults*

Our Peer Supporters come from a variety of health-care roles and can meet with you one-on-one to answer questions and provide practical advice and guidance specific to your EMR in the context of your own clinic or practice.

* may be eligible for continuing medical education credits