Transfusion Medicine

Shared Health's Transfusion Medicine discipline is responsible for the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures for all blood bank and cross-match operations, development of utilization management strategies and implementation of new products/initiatives.

The discipline works collaboratively with external partners such as Canadian Blood Services (CBS), Manitoba Health, Regional Health Authorities and health care professionals to ensure best practices within the province.

In Winnipeg, Shared Health's Transfusion Medicine services are limited to blood bank services as cross-matching is done by CBS. In rural areas and Brandon Shared Health is responsible for both blood bank services and cross-matching. The discipline is responsible for overall education of clinical and laboratory staff in best practices and appropriate utilization.

160-INV-07 Receiving Blood, Blood Components and Derivatives
160-INV-07a Receipt of Blood
160-INV-07b Receipt of Blood Components
160-INV-07c Receipt of Derivatives
160-INV-11 Temperature Check of Blood and Thawed Components on Receipt
160-INV-12 Visual Inspection of Blood, Blood components and Derivatives
160-INV-14 Issuing Blood, Blood Components and Derivatives
160-INV-15 Issuing of Blood, Blood Components within a facility
160-INV-16 Issuing Derivatives
160-INV-17 Transport of Blood Blood Components and Derivatives within a facility
160-INV-18 Inter-facility Shipping of Blood, Blood Components and Derivatives
160-INV-19 Documenting the final disposition of Blood, Blood Components and Derivatives
160-MP-01 Patient Identification and Specimen Procurement
160-MP-02 Specimen Acceptance Rejection and Suitability
160-QC-05 Temperature Monitoring
160-QC-13 Alarm Response Malfunction

Best Blood Manitoba

Best Blood Manitoba is an initiative of the Manitoba Provincial Transfusion Practice Advisory Committee to provide accessible and current information on blood for patients and healthcare providers. Shared Health's diagnostic services and our Transfusion Medicine team play an important role in this initiative, also working with medical and nursing staff, Blood Conservation Services and Canadian Blood Services to meet Best Blood Manitoba's vision of a vein-to-vein transfusion practice service that supports rational and safe transfusion practices for all Manitobans.

The Best Blood Manitoba website is a resource and reference on the subject of Transfusion Medicine.

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