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Bid Opportunities

Shared Health posts competitive bids to our tender service partner, Biddingo. Please visit Biddingo for a complete list of current postings.

Biddingo encourages suppliers or vendors to complete the vendor application for Shared Health bid opportunities. This enhances the notification process at Biddingo.

Under the provisions of the trade agreements to which we are subject, Shared Health must publicly post Notices of Award which must include the following information:

  • description of the goods or services procured
  • name and address of the procuring entity
  • name and address of the successful supplier
  • value of the successful tender
  • date of award
  • type of procurement method used (in cases where limited tendering was used, a description of the circumstances justifying the use of limited tendering)

Trade Agreement Notification as of June 19, 2020

Notice of Intended Procurement

Notice of Award

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