Shared Health Careers

Shared Health is committed to providing a supportive, exciting and innovative working environment.

Our organization supports collaboration, teamwork and innovation. We encourage ongoing professional development and advancement and are committed to providing our valued staff with opportunities to contribute to projects and initiatives.

A balanced work environment also fosters physical and mental well-being. Shared Health promotes a work culture that is professional, relevant, innovative and diverse. Programs are in place to ensure comfortable, respectful, safe and productive working environments at all Shared Health sites.

Current Postings

As Shared Health evolves as an organization, careers within various sites, services and programs, including jobs to support Manitoba's Health System Transformation will be posted and open to staff from across the province.

Jobs will continue to be posted in a few locations as staff working in a number of departments, programs, services areas and sites across Manitoba's health system begin a phased transition to Shared Health.

Diagnostic professionals working in laboratories and imaging facilities play a vital role in health care by delivering a wide range of testing that leads to diagnosis and the appropriate physician-prescribed treatment. An interest and ability in sciences, data analysis and technology, a passion for helping others and a desire to make a difference are all traits and characteristics that lend themselves to a diverse career in medical diagnostics.

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Become part of this exciting and continually evolving field. Working within Digital Health provides an opportunity to grow and influence the development of our organization, improve our service delivery to customers, and have a direct impact on improving health care in our community.

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Join the team and grow your career. Work in the dynamic environment of Manitoba’s largest healthcare centre, serving people of Manitoba, northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut.

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The Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network showcases career opportunities from across the province for physicians, physician assistants, clinical assistants, nurses, allied health professionals and midwives.

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