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Community Health Assessment

Manitoba is taking bold steps to improve access to care, quality of services and patient outcomes. Clinical leaders and health system experts from across the province are working on a provincial approach to the planning and delivery of better health care for Manitobans. This work is supported by clinical data and evidence, including the information presented in Manitoba’s Community Health Assessments (CHAs).

As Manitoba’s Clinical and Preventive Services Plan guides and supports decisions about human resources, investments and clinical services, the valuable information we gather in the CHAs will help ensure clinical experts have a real understanding of our population.

The CHAs are a dynamic and ongoing process that will identify the strengths and needs of a community. They enable the identification of community-wide health priorities and will facilitate collaborative planning and action directed at reducing health disparities and improving community health status and quality of life.

Coordinated provincially for the first time in 2019, the Community Health Assessment Network (CHAN) structured the CHA document using a common template. This approach will enable Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to compare data more easily and will encourage health organizations to draw on each other’s learnings and strengths. CHAN is comprised of representatives from all five RHAs within Manitoba, the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, Manitoba Health Seniors and Active Living, CancerCare Manitoba, Healthy Child Manitoba, Shared Health and the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.

The 2019 CHAs include high-level findings which will form the basis for upcoming Strategic Health Plans, helping regions plan and deliver the programs and services that are needed by their local population.

2019 RHA CHA Reports

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