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Quality, Patient Safety & Learning

A Commitment to Quality – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Hospitals, health centres, clinics, community health services and doctor’s offices provide safe, quality care to Manitobans each and every day. But evidence tells us that harmful events still occur and we know that many of these events are preventable.

Improving patient safety and reducing the number of patient safety incidents reported each year requires action by the system, providers and patients.

That’s why Manitoba is undertaking measures to improve quality and safety across the provincial health system to create a culture of person-centred care in which quality and safety are everyone’s business – and everyone’s responsibility.

The creation of a provincial Quality and Learning Framework is the first step toward a coordinated and consistent approach to defining quality and patient safety across Manitoba.

Incorporating quality, patient safety and learning, this framework will guide health planning, measurement and evaluation to ensure investments and innovations are achieving their desired results.

A consistent provincial approach to quality improvement, patient engagement, performance measurement and standards will raise the profile of patient safety and encourage patients, families, health-care providers and health system leaders to bring issues to the forefront. It is only through this shared commitment to improvement that Manitoba will learn and begin to see improvements.

Ensuring positive patient experiences, where clients receive safe, timely and equitable access to services and have their care coordinated across acute and community services are a focus and responsibility of every member of the care team.

The involvement of patients and families in their care is also key to improving patient outcomes and experiences.  This is a growing area of focus for health systems around the world.

Knowledge is critical to quality health care and improved health outcomes and well-informed and engaged patients can contribute to reduced incidence of harm and safer outcomes.

Through the application of the Manitoba Quality and Learning Framework, the development of the Quality and Learning division within Shared Health, the involvement of all service organizations and the ongoing work of the Manitoba Institute of Patient Safety (MIPS), and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, patients and their families can find resources and are encouraged to be active participants in decisions related to their care.  Health-care providers are also equipped and supported with education and resources to enhance their understanding and support for the involvement of patients and families in the planning and delivery of care.

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