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Organizational Structure

Shared Health was established as a legal entity in 2018 and will continue to evolve as initiatives within Manitoba’s Health System Transformation are implemented to create an improved, simpler health care system that is able to provide better care for all Manitobans.

Staff continue to play essential roles in the day-to-day delivery of care, working collaboratively with regional health authorities, service delivery organizations, communities and other stakeholders.

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) leads the development of policy and broad system planning, and has responsibility for overall funding, performance requirements, oversight and accountability.

Regional health authorities and service delivery organizations remain responsible for the delivery of health-care services. Leaders and clinical experts from each organization are working with Shared Health in the development of Manitoba’s first provincial clinical and preventive services plan and are partners in the establishment of provincial clinical guidelines and protocols.

Strategic Focus

Shared Health is leading the planning and coordinating the integration of patient-centred clinical and preventive services across Manitoba. The organization was created in 2018 as part of Manitoba’s broader Health System Transformation.

Shared Health led the development of Manitoba’s first Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Plan, released in 2019,  in collaboration with clinical experts from across the province. Shared Health continues to evolve as staff, departments, services and facilities transition to the organization as part of the transformation’s mandate to create a simpler, more efficient and more consistent health system for Manitobans. Shared Health will continue to work collaboratively with regional health authorities, service delivery organizations, communities and other stakeholders to ensure the health needs of Manitobans are fulfilled compassionately, effectively and as close to home as possible.

Together, these clinical experts and health system leaders from across the province are contributing their wide ranging experience and clinical expertise.

This approach has been recommended by a number of external, expert reviews of Manitoba’s health system which have identified the need for a provincial approach to strategic planning and delivery of health-care services by Manitoba’s health regions and service delivery organizations. Shared Health is examining the successes of other jurisdictions and reviewing service delivery practices and models of care used across Canada and around the world to inform evidence-based planning with relevance to Manitoba’s health-care environment. This includes analysis of innovative approaches to care including digital health and technology to enable care closer to home as well as models for improved delivery of primary health care, which is widely viewed as the foundation of an effective health system.

Clinical Governance and Standards

Manitobans expect consistent standards of care across the province and better access to services, regardless of geography. The development of a provincial clinical and preventive services plan and the establishment of consistent clinical guidelines and protocols will assist in the delivery of consistent standards of care across the province as well as better access to services, regardless of geography. These transformative changes will strengthen health care in Manitoba and build a sustainable system for the future.

Health Workforce

Recruitment and retention of fully engaged healthcare providers and support staff is needed to sustain high quality health services throughout Manitoba and is a priority for healthcare organizations across the province.

Shared Health will work collaboratively with stakeholders to develop and maintain a provincial health human resource plan in alignment with the provincial clinical and preventive services plan. The plan will include innovative strategies and programs to support recruitment and retention, including networks based on inter-professional, team-based models of care.

Business Functions

Shared Health supports the delivery of patient-focused care across Manitoba. This includes the coordination of some business services for the regional health authorities, CancerCare Manitoba and the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba as Shared Health evolves.

More information about the services provided by Shared Health will be available here as the organization takes on responsibility and accountability for other business functions.

Health-care Delivery

Shared Health also supports the delivery of health services across regional and organizational boundaries.

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