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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To provide Manitoba patients with the best health care and health outcomes possible by partnering with health organizations, educational institutions and clinical experts to plan and deliver evidence-based, innovative and sustainable models of care that are accessible, consistent and serve the needs of all Manitobans.

Our Vision

The best care, as close to home as possible.

Our Values

Core values are integral to our activities and relationships as health care professionals and providers at Shared Health.

A provincial approach to health care, using consistent models of care to deliver services across the province and a commitment to continuous improvement in quality, outcomes, equity and education.

Evidence based, with ongoing commitment to academic and clinical research and to incorporating the full scopes of practice of our health workforce in the delivery of care.

Respectful, responsive, patient-focused care centered around the needs of the individual.

Inclusive, Accessible and Equitable
Care that values and respects the cultural practices and care needs of Manitoba’s diverse and geographically-dispersed population. With consistent local access to core services and clearly defined pathways to referred and specialty services.

Effective and Accountable
Models of care built on quality, safety, evidence and leading practice and which strive for innovation and measure for continuous improvement.

Manitoba’s health-care system touches every Manitoban and makes up the largest part of the province’s budget.

Shared Health envisions a provincial health system that takes a province-wide view of resources, expertise and functions. A system that is committed to patient-centered care and focused on continuous improvement to health outcomes.

This new system will be integrated, coordinated and able to make and sustain significant improvements – reduced wait times, increased access to health services and consistent and reliable standards of care – for all Manitobans.

Shared Health supports the planning and delivery of safe, quality and sustainable patient care for all Manitobans.

Until now, Manitoba’s health “system” has been structured in such a way that planning decisions have, for the most part, been made independently and without coordination among regional health authorities and service delivery organizations.

Building this new system requires structural and organizational reform that is patient focused, evidence-based and clinically informed. Shared Health will apply leading practices that have experienced success both across Canada and around the globe, combined with the experience and knowledge of Manitoba’s own clinical leaders. This approach will ensure Shared Health-led initiatives adapt to changing population needs and prioritize resources to ensure safe, accessible and consistent care for Manitobans.

No single initiative will address all of the challenges identified by recent studies and reviews of Manitoba’s health system. Ongoing collaboration with patients, clinical leaders and health-care providers from a wide range of professional backgrounds, clinical and geographic experiences will be vital to creating health-care solutions that meet the needs of Manitobans both today and into the future.

These shared efforts will drive strategic decisions across the entire health system, enabling long-term planning around education, staffing, recruitment and retention efforts, infrastructure and equipment investments, as well as coordinating supply chains, digital technology and analytics.

Statement of Acknowledgement of Indigenous Ancestral and Territorial Lands

Health services across Manitoba are provided in facilities located on the original lands of First Nations and Inuit peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation. Manitoba’s health authorities respect that First Nations treaties were made on these territories, acknowledge harms and mistakes, and we dedicate ourselves to collaborate in partnership with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in the spirit of reconciliation.