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Shared Health Logo

The Shared Health/Soins Communs visual identity was created to reflect the diversity of our province and our organization.

It depicts the varied geographic regions of the patients we care for and the providers we bring together. It also represents a look to the horizon, as we work together to improve the quality and access of health care for Manitobans not only today, but into the future.

Our name “Shared Health/Soins Communs” was carefully chosen. This is the promise we make to our patients, clients and all residents of Manitoba. That by working together we can improve access, quality and equity in the health services we provide to Manitobans.

The logo graphic is inspired by the diverse physical landscape of Manitoba: the big sky, prairie fields, pristine lakes, rivers and forest. The circular form signifies balance, unity and sustainability. The circle is not closed, with spaces between the distinct parts representing ease of movement and openness.

Arial View of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Photo credit: Mikaela MacKenzie / Winnipeg Free Press. Photo not to be distributed.

The letter “S” (for “Shared” and “Soins”) flows gently but with purpose through the centre of the image, just as waters flow through the regions of our province. The individual parts, while distinct, remain connected, in much the same way that our collective efforts, while diverse in scope and focus, feed into a much larger purpose of meeting the health care needs of Manitobans.

This visual identity was created by an in-house graphic design team in collaboration with representatives of Shared Health, Diagnostic Services, Manitoba eHealth, HSC Winnipeg, and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living. Using our own creative team was not only cost-effective, it brought decades of experience in health care to the design process. As a result, our logo represents the many organizations and services now joined under the Shared Health/Soins Communs banner with the shared goal of improving patient care and health services across the province.

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